Securware develops products with high R&D following the philosophy of “Internet of Things” within people and human resources. This idea is based on the automatic integration of data in everyday people processes through Internet looking at human resources process. This information is generated from different sources and profiles that can help to support decision making and increase productivity. Specifically, initiatives such as “Internet of Things” and the automatic generation of data from mobile devices, computers, RFID, NFC, bar codes or QR-codes to allow define dashboards, mashups and new services to users.

Securware is working on several projects related to all this new information flow. Securware is keen to integrate these ideas in human resource management, access control applications or event list management. Our first project is aTurnos, which is a shift work management tool with more than 3.000 users in Spain. The projects have some common features such as:

  • All roles in the work team play in the project and they are part of the information system. The information can be generated automatically from various devices or even manually by the colleagues.
  • The managent of the problem is simple, direct, human are very focus on the results and profiles. There are manufacturing and computer programing concepts moved to management such as agile or extrem.
  • The Freemium business model is balanced by the sponsors that can add more functionality to the project if the targets and visibility requirements are achieved.
  • The system is not intrusive, the recovered information is minimum and flexible.

Securware Projects

The company Securware is a startup is made up of young engineers trained at the University of Castilla-La Mancha with a close relationship with the Research Group Autolog.

The current main projects of Securware are:

A Web/Mobile service that allow the team to manage the work schedule in a soft way and on the go. aTurnos is the reference in many associations and companies in Spain and Portugal. The main features are:

  1. It helps you in the definition of your work schedules
  2. The work colleagues access to the schedule making inquiries and tradings
  3. It sends mails and remembers when new allocations or tradings are done
  4. A work spaces where the team share information, a vertical information flow

Log4in is the framework that receives all requests for clock in/out from the Securware projects. It is a horizontal project that serves as middleware for geolocalization.  ID cards in the workplaces are an outdated control tool with additional cost of infrastructure and facilities. What we proposes in log4in is to use mobile devices and QR Codes or NFC tags as a service to provide fast  and cheap clock in/out.

Check2in is a tool to manage the public relation processes with mobile technology.  It defines the generation of QR Codes and NFC tags to improve the visiblity in events and clubs, but including all the different involved roles such as managers, public relations, users, deals, promotions or distributors at the same level.