aTurnos, the kick-off project

aTurnos, the kick-off project

Why is the kick-off project? The objective is to use “Internet of things” concepts for simplify human resource management and shift work management is a clear vertical problem in many companies. Besides the problem, we select it beacouse of:

  • The opportunity: The INE estimated at over 2 million spanish employees working in shifts.
  • Current tools are complex to deploy and the ROI is very long, it is a similar problem to the implementation of large ERP.
  • The cost of current tools is very high, these are products of companies like IBM or HP.
  • These tools are not designed for all profiles, just to supervisors and companies. the Socialization does not exist.

It seems an ideal project to start working with the concepts of “internet of things”, simplifying management and providing socialization to many aspects of managing people.

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